Over and Over

I recently shared the story behind my latest song, a co-write with my friend, George Luckey, with people who have signed up for my mailing list. Now, I'm sharing it here—though you all are welcome to sign up to that list by clicking on the link at the bottom of my home page!

Greetings from my Motown bedroom bunker! 

I come with a little story and a request that involves just a couple minutes from the comfort of your chair—and NO money... 

The call was issued for new ways to deliver old messages about COVID-19, personal stories about staying safe and keeping others safe during the pandemic and expressions of thanks for those who are protecting or caring for others in the midst of it all. 

Those were the guidelines for Take the Mic, a contest and research study whose goal is to learn if messages created within the community can help enlighten people about COVID and protect people from it. Once I read that, some ideas immediately came to mind. I contacted my friend and musical collaborator, George Luckey, and before long via texts, emails and phone calls, we had a song. ‘Over and Over’ aims to hit all those points. 

We just learned the judges—seven community leaders from four Michigan counties—selected our song as a finalist. That’s an honor in and of itself, but now the public gets to vote on the winner. And this is where we ask you for your vote. 

Here’s what inspired us: We have family, friends or fond acquaintances on the front lines, and we are both at that stage where we’ve been doing what we can to keep our older parents and children safe. Living through this once-a-century pandemic has caused us to think and reflect a great deal, and one way for us to deal with all this is to grab our guitars and put pen to paper. We imagined what those front-line workers have seen and dealt with, as well as what they hope for even as we finally start to emerge from this global crisis. We hope our song does some justice to what they've done and endured. 

Voting is easy and can be done by clicking here and following the steps. Our song is in the 'other media' category. Once you select it (if you're so inclined), then you scroll down to the right arrow to submit. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening and, if so inclined, voting. And, if we're getting greedy, we'd be even more grateful if you shared with friends and loved ones. If nothing else, we might help spread the word about staying safe until we're finally rid of COVID! 

If you want to download or continue to listen to the song, it's here

Thank you again! 


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