Karoub seems to make a conscious effort to ensure his songs and vocals are imbued with the best traditions of past singer-songwriters. ” - Andrew Frolish

Americana UK


Jeff Karoub

Rhythm-and-Roots Folk from Motown.

Whether through his long career as a journalist or lifetime of music-making, Jeff is, at heart, a storyteller. While each medium is different, he has learned they share many commonalities: the goal to connect, enlighten and share experiences with audiences small and large. And both pursuits keep him engaged in a life of learning and sharing what he’s learned. When it comes to music, his audiences have been diverse: He has performed in homes, churches, libraries, theaters, community halls and watering holes. Wherever he goes, he aims to entertain with stories and songs that draw from his experiences growing up in Michigan and as a third-generation denizen of the Detroit area. He comes by it all honestly, descending from teachers, newspaper publishers and musicians, notably a father who played on-stage with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and in studios with Motown recording artists.

Keeping in touch, sometimes

Don't worry—I won't barrage you with news. I aim for infrequent but sincere dispatches that let you know when I have new music to share or a gig near you, or some other Jeff-related development I think you might care about. With that, I hope you'll join the list so we can connect and engage—in a low-pressure way!