Last Call

I’m drawn to the idea that songs can be about one thing, multiple things, everything or nothing. I’m also keenly aware the creator’s meaning may differ from the listener’s. I find it fascinating that despite those divergences and disconnects, people nonetheless loudly (and not especially tunefully) sing along to songs like “American Pie” and “Closing Time,” particularly at the end of an overserved night. In the ragtag group, the songs lose subtlety and nuance yet in the process take on still more meanings.

Taking all that and more into consideration, I wrote “Last Call,” which has more than one meaning in my own mind and perhaps even more for those listening. Whether my tune can stand alongside those classics by Don McLean and Dan Wilson of Semisonic, well, that's up to the listeners, but I can certainly say they influenced and inspired me—not just as songs but also for the multi-layered, mysterious stories behind them and the ways they've evolved and mutated once released in the wild.

So, what is mine about? Maybe the dark night of a bartender's soul. Perhaps it's a lament about late-stage capitalism. Or the end of the world, whether real or perceived by the narrator. I felt a little like a cinematographer with this one, imagining multiple angles and points of view. I don't know what you hear, but I welcome your ears and interpretations.

Grateful for the use of Steinway grand in an acoustically delightful ballroom at the University of Michigan (during the relatively quiet, sparse summer break), and the engineering and co-production talents of Jonah Brockman, who recorded my string parts and helped edit, mix and master it all beautifully in his studio. 

I'm also thankful for AmericanaUK, which saw fit to feature Last Call. You can find it in the usual streaming places (YouTube, Apple/iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc.).  It's been so cool to see it garner plays around the world. I'd appreciate it you listen, and, if so moved, share it with folks you know and add it to your playlists. If you are or know radio folks who might dig it, please share it with them.