We Are Moving

I’m often critical of my own songwriting, but every once in a while I say just what I hope to say, and lay it down exactly how I hear it in my head. Even on a later listen with time to reconsider, I'm not swayed to change a thing—whether or not that's a view shared by listeners! Still, it's true icing on the creative cake when others dig it and catch the vision. 

So it is with 'We Are Moving,' and it was gratifying for me to have Dearborn First United Methodist Church Pastor David Nellist share it at the end of his sermon this past Sunday.

The sermon topic was 'fresh starts,' and ‘We Are Moving’ embraces the idea of a restart and overcoming things that lay us low, as well as the grace and power in the act of taking even one small step forward in the darkest, hardest times. His sermon deftly pivoted from the second (and third and fourth…) chances afforded Bill Murray’s character in ‘Groundhog Day’ to the second chances Jesus gave his disciples. Side note: I kinda like Bill Murray as a modern-day disciple. Why not? He golfed with the Dalai Lama himself. Sorry, another movie for another time.

Anyway, you can hear my song around 57 minutes into this video (though it’s worth going back a little for all of David’s great sermon). 

If you want to stream the song, it’s in the usual online places, including here. It's from my album, 'Pieces Break,' which was recorded in 2019 in Manchester, Michigan, and Amherst, Massachusetts.

Thanks for listening and I hope it resonates with you. 

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